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Engage and convert POCs into paid customers

Experience plays big role how potential customers perceive your product. Put your best foot forward and convert your POCs into paid customers

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End to End POC Engagement Platform

From the first customer meeting to the end of POC, Pudding got you covered. It provides all the features and functionalities sales engineers need to engage with potential customers.

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Provide clarity to customers while they engage in POCs

Ambiguous POCs most likely fail or go longer. Pudding methodology provides tools to sales engineers to collaborate with customer and provide clarity into different aspects of POC.

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Collaborate with customers on POC activities

POC Dashboard provides visibility into critical information across all the POCs using visual dashboard.

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Engage with different teams within the organization

Many people from different teams such as customer success, support and engineering get involved during the POC. Pudding provides engagement platform for everyone to collaborte and run POCs efficiently.

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Integrations: Plays nicely with your existing tools.

Pudding’s ever growing app store provides integration with all popular tools that POC team works with. Our goal is to automate POC processes as much as possible, so you can spend more time running your POC.

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Convert Proof of Concepts into Revenue

Let Pudding help you streamline your Proof of Concept pipeline and turn it into successful sales conversions.

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