Why Pudding?

Cut down your POC cost upto 90%

Running POC is an expensive process. Failing a POC is even more expensive. Traditional tools are ineffective so sales engineering teams end up spending more time manually running POCs. Pudding uses your data to provide visibility, automate POC tasks, provide better structure and methodology for running POCs.

Ask for ROI

10x Improvement in POC experience

Make it easier for your customers to participate in POCs. The product may work fine but negative POC experience can impact the outcome negatively. Put your best foot forward and delight your customers with best POC experience possible.

More POCs with same resources

Organized and efficient SE team can produce amazing results. Pudding automates many manual data entry and follow up processes, so sales engineers can do more in the same time.

Single Pane of Glass for POCs

POCs are important but they are not the only things your customers do. Make it easy for them and for yourself to collaborate and share POC information. Pudding is a single pane of glass for you and your customers for everything related to POC.

Dedicated Team working to make your POCs better

Pudding is consistently working and looking for ways to make your POCs more efficient and delightful. When you have a solid team to back you up on your POC efforts, why you would spend time building custom POC solutions. With every release we bring more and more features for you that make your POC – the best POC.

Integrations: Plays nicely with your existing tools.

Pudding’s ever growing app store provides integration with all popular tools that POC team works with. Our goal is to automate POC processes as much as possible, so you can spend more time running your POC.

Convert Proof of Concepts into Revenue

Let Pudding help you streamline your Proof of Concept pipeline and turn it into successful sales conversions.

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